Selection Of Good Label

In order to choose a self-adhesive label most suited for your application needs, the selection of the best label depends on each element which composes of face material, the adhesive and the backing silicon paper.

Paper remains the most widely used face material, though in recent times filmic stocks have gained substantial market share. The most predominantly used varieties of paper are the uncoated matt, the one side or two side coated semi-gloss also known as the chromo art paper and the cast gloss also known as mirror coat paper. With customer needs getting to be more specific, it is necessary to use more modified varieties of paper.
General requirements of the paper include the surface and mechanical characteristics.

Surface characteristics can be modified by coating, calendaring, metalizing, laminating, etc. For non-contact printing like inkjet a relatively porous surface would be needed and for the other printing processes pigment coated and/or calendared surface may be required.

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